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HTMA Testing

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✨ Are you ready for personalized diet & lifestyle recommendations based on your own tangible data so that you can make informed decisions around food, movement, and lifestyle choices?


✨ Are you curious to learn your personal metabolic type and what ideal macronutrient ratios will best benefit you so that you can optimize your diet to manage weight and support digestion?


✨Are you looking for insight into the health of your digestion, stress response, blood sugar, mineral levels, & thyroid function so that you can uncover the missing pieces to your health regiment?

Then this offer is just what you’re looking for!


What is HTMA? 

What is it?!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a super simple and painless screening test that provides personalized results. You get a snapshot of the minerals, heavy metals, and their corresponding ratios within your body. Essentially, this allows us to see if any ratios are outside of the ideal ranges.

Why Minerals?!

Minerals are essential to the body’s ability to function properly and imbalances can be impacted by your diet, stress, personal & household products, medications, and so much more! They work together which is why we look at the ratios of how they are related to one another. Without proper mineral balance, the body doesn't run optimally. 


HTMA results give us insight into the mineral levels in your body over the past 3 months showing a better overview. Most other labs such as blood work capture results from that moment. Don't get me wrong -- blood work & other labs all have a place & are vitally important. But HTMA can be a great place to get a bird's eye view of whats going on. 

Introductory Offer

What can HTMA tell me?

You could even go as far as saying your hair is full of secrets that we can use to dive deeper! Well... health secrets that is! 

From HTMA results, we can learn things about your

✨ Metabolic rate

✨ Digestive functioning

✨ Blood sugar regulation

✨ Stress & Inflammation in the body

✨ Heavy Metals 

✨ Energy production

... and this is just a few. 

HTMA test results help us narrow down the imbalances in your body giving. Through food, lifestyle changes, and supplements we can create a bio-individual protocol just for you! 


The HTMA Offer

HTMA Testing Kit

Sent directly to you with instructions & what you need to send it to the lab.

Personalized Recommendations

Once your results are in, I'll review your HTMA results & shared personalized recommendations


Financial Commitment

Your total commitment is $250 for the HTMA offer.



With the HTMA offer there is no long-term commitment. If after the result interpretation, you wish you continue to work together, there will be additional options provided. 

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