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What is a health coach!?

If anyone has any sort of coach in their life - think about their role. It can be a sport coach, business coach, life coach, the list goes on. What is their role in your life? What do they have in common? They help us excel and improve in the area in which we are focusing. And that can be a broad or specific area, depending on what you want to be coached on.

A coach is a motivational and accountability partner that helps us stretch in the areas of our lives that we might want some assistance thinking and viewing from different perspectives or improving. Well, just like a sports coach helps in improving and building your technique at the game, like a business coach helps you work towards the opportunities of expansion or growth within different areas of your business, a health coach can help you strengthen your skillset and habits in the areas of health and wellness from a holistic perspective. Health coaches help you improve your personal wellness and reach your goals to live life at your best.

Health coaching is a relatively new area of health and wellness that is just starting to boom. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of issues that come up, health coaches help approach health and wellbeing from a holistic approach. Yes, your diet and exercise are important! But so are the areas of your life like social, career, spirituality, and home life which play an integral role in your health.

Think about it, how often have you felt super stressed at work, overwhelming unhappy in your role or just working crazy hours with early morning and late nights, so you don’t get adequate sleep? You find yourself drinking coffee at all times of the day to keep the wheels turning. You spend very little time doing anything for yourself or spending time with family. And your diet consists of pre-made meals from the corner market or UberEats. There is a lot to unpack there and I’m sure you can identify multiple areas that could be changed to improve the quality of life. But when you’re in it, it’s hard to know where to start. You can’t just call your doctor up about this, can you? This isn’t a symptom they can prescribe medication for nor do doctors now-a-days have time to work on daily wellness plans with patients. Modern medicine is great for many reasons so please don’t misinterpret!! But when it comes to prevention and building sustainable habits on an individual level, doctors just don’t have the bandwidth. That’s where a health coach comes in!

Bio-individuality (the concept that one person’s food, is another person’s poison) and primary foods (the focus on the nourishment one gets off the plate) are two key concepts that the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) has found to be fundamental to health coaches guiding clients to living their healthiest and best life.

Health coaches work with clients on an individual level for what their health goals are, working to make sustainable and lasting lifestyle changes. Yup - you read that right my friend. Time to ditch that diet or the quick-fix you've seen trending on social media. We're in this for the long game. Instead of having a brief visit with your doctor, health coaches build personal relationships with their clients, digging into more than just symptoms. Throughout a program and 1:1 sessions clients and coaches will look into all the areas of life that could be causing those symptoms and how to treat the cause.

Now I’m not saying your health coach can do it all. It's important to remember we are a part of the whole wellness network. Health coaches are not doctors or registered dietitians. We don’t prescribe diet/meal plans, medications, or diagnose clients. Health coaches work with your healthcare suite of providers to round out your support system to a healthier life.

Intrigued yet?! I hope so! Because this is just scratching the surface. There is so much potential to where your quality of life can be when you work with a health coach. If you are interested about what working with a health coach could look like for you, let's chat! Schedule your free 30 minute consultation with me and let’s see if we're a good fit.

And if this peaked your interests about becoming a health coach — there is so much opportunity and need in this area. Check out IIN, one of the leading Health Coaching programs to see how you can start. You can even take a Sample Class here to see if this is for you!

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