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Find Balance, Feel Good

group coaching

This is it! All of my top coaching tips put into a group coaching program.

✨ Feeling like you are swinging back and forth from diet to 'falling off the wagon' as you go through the summer and back into the rest of the year?


✨ Curious to learn how to eat more without sacrificing the foods you love?


✨ Are you ready to feel good in your body and your life by creating sustainable changes!

✨ Are you ready to create the balance that you deserve?!


What we will cover:

Session 1 (Sept. 12th) : Foundational Pillars of Wellness

Session 2 (Oct. 3rd) : Nourishment through Primary & Secondary Foods

Session 3 (Nov. 15th) : Ditching Diet & Intuitive Eating

Session 4 (Dec. 12th) : Filling Up your Cup & Sustainable Change

What you can expect:

🌟 1 hour coaching call a month with me

🌟 An extensive workbook exclusive to this program with areas to dig into your specific health and wellness

🌟 Built-in support system & community

🌟 Access to me for questions & ongoing support

🌟 Exclusive discount for 1:1 coaching following the program

Each session will be recorded and can be sent should you miss the live session. But with us only meeting once a month, the true value will come from being there live. 

Each session is an opportunity to discuss concepts in depth & complete activities to apply the topics to your own life. What better way to head into the last quarter of the year?!

Let's Finish this year together!

I want to help you feel your best and support you in getting there. I've been there. I used to have a challenging relationship with food, exercise, and all the things society says are healthy, all while living my life!


This group coaching program is a great way to have access to all the benefits of 1:1 coaching! I share it all, don't worry!

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