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Balanced Basics

a 6-week mini-course on how to feel good in your body and create your healthy life.


Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm, and embrace a simpler and more nourishing approach to living your best life. How? By starting with the basics

Imagine this...

Feeling overwhelmed & confused when it comes to food and healthy choices

Shop confidently at the grocery store & make meals that support you AND that you enjoy! 

Struggle with that daily afternoon slump & finding foods that keep you full

No longer depending on caffeine & are clearer headed throughout the day 

Struggling with bloat, constipation, or cravings

Enjoying foods you love without discomfort! 

Stressed out by everything and all the things! 

Feel lighter & happier & better equipped to handle what life throws at you 

No idea who to ask all your questions to!

Having a community & coach to lean on for support! 

In order to set yourself up for long-term health & happiness you have to start with the basics. There is so much information out there are it's easy to get overwhelmed on confused about what is your first step and nonetheless your next step

What you get in this course:

✨ Weekly 60-minute coaching calls

✨ A detailed workbook to pair with the calls

✨ An HTMA test (a $250 value) with personalized interpreted results to give you data to make informed decisions

✨ 1 Q&A session to Ask Me Anything

✨ Recordings to each of the sessions to rewatch, catch up if you missed, and refer to later 

✨ A community of like-minded women committed to making the change to their overall well-being.



How much is your health & Happiness worth!?

Enrolling in the Balanced Basics 6-week experience for just $275 (that's the equivalent of just $45 per week). 

An HTMA offer is $250 alone...which means you're SAVING MONEY with this program! 


The cost of this program will NEVER be this low again!!

Register now to reserve your spot and overcome your wellness challenges!


About the Course

This live 6-week training course is going to dive into everything I have learned on my own wellness journey but also through my trainings as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, an HTMA practitioner, and what has helped my 1:1 clients. I’m sharing it all with you! No questions are off limits so come with what you need to know.

This course will empower & support you to create a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, resulting in increased energy levels, improved digestion, enhanced sleep quality, reduced stress, and a deeper understanding of how to care for your body from the inside out. This course includes an HTMA screening test with personalized interpretation of your results to help you better learn whats going on in your body and how to apply the basics from the course to your every day!

Whether you’re just starting to embark on your health journey, have been trying for years but nothing has stuck, or you are simply trying to break free of the diet cycle for good, this course is for you!

Week by Week Breakdown

We are going to cover a lot of information in just 6 weeks. Each week will have a different focus and touch on a variety of different topics that you can take into your personal life. 


Balance from the Ground Up

Starting at the true basics of connecting to your why,

foundational concepts , and diving into mindfullness when it comes to your health


Consistency > Perfection

How to take all those nutrition basics & put them into practice! 


Nutrition Basics Pt. 1

We will go over the basic formula to apply to make your health seem simple, building a balance plate, dive into sources of nutrition & supplements


Taking Care from the inside-out

Other areas of your health that play a vital role outside of just what you eat; how stress, sleep, and mindset play a role in your health! 


Nutrition Basics Pt. 2

Diving into even more parts of nutrition such as interpreting food labels and food marketing, understanding hunger hormones, blood sugar balance, gut health, & cravings! 


Additional Wellness Things + Q&A 

Diving into supporting reducing toxins in your every day. But most of this session will be up to you, any question you have you want to dive deeper on! 

the lowest this price will ever be! 

Time to invest in yourself!! 

Investing in yourself can be scary, but there is nothing better than investing in your number one... YOU!

Enroll in the Balanced Basics 6-week experience for just $275 (that's the equivalent of just $45 per week). 


frequently asked questions

What is included in the Balanced Basics course? In the course you'll have weekly 60-minute coaching calls where we dive into each topic, a detailed workbook to pair with the calls aimed at deepening your understanding of nutrition and wellness topics. You also get 1 Q&A session to ask me anything, ensuring your personal questions get answered and you have an understanding of the materials. You will be sent an HTMA screening kit (a $250 value) for you to use your personalize data to better inform on what is going on in your body. This will make all that you learn in the program be that much more impactful so you know how to apply it to work for you! You also get the recordings of every session for convenient rewatching, and a community of like-minded women committed to making the change to their overall well-being.

What if I can't attend the live calls? I know life gets busy! All the calls will be recorded so you can watch them later, rewatch them, and refer back to them after the program is over. If you miss the live calls but have questions after watching, you can always send them to me via email or drop them in the chat with the group!

I'm worries about the investment, what if the program doesn't work for me? I completely get it, investing in yourself can be scary! But it could also be the best thing! We do not offer refunds, but I'm confident that the Balanced Basics course will equip you with foundational information and tools to create sustainable change in your life that you can put into practice right away. There is ongoing support and guidance throughout the course, and I'm here to help you feel empowered & confident in the steps you take next!

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