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I was overwhelmed growing up with all the health fads & diet culture and not knowing what I should eat, how much I should work out, and what I thought I “should be doing” for my health. 


My solution: I fell into health and wellness first through movement, finding a workout that I loved & how strong I felt challenging my body is a way that gave me energy. Then learning & understanding the basics of what healthy was for me & learning how to incorporate small changes into my life through proper nourishment & practice focusing on what I wanted, and what I felt! Forget the shoulds! 


I have been on my journey of figuring out what works well for my body and my happy balance for several years. And honestly, I still am! Because its exactly that – a journey. Not a destination. Our lives constantly change and evolve and what worked for us in one season of life may not work now or in the future. Through exploring foods that nourish me, movement that gives me energy, and a practice of self-love that constantly fills my cup, I have learned how to feel good in my body, to listen intuitively & I want to help you do the same!

Image by Madelynn woods

Take control of

your life

  • Adopt an addition mindset 

  • Ditch the diet & say goodbye to food rules
  • Learn to eat and fuel YOUR body!

  • Helping you love yourself again!

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