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✨ Are you tired of going on and off a diet that never lasts?

✨ Are you ready to ditch diet culture & find a true balance between food and feeling good?

✨ Are you ready to understand what self-love looks like for you & see it positively change your life?

✨ Are you ready to head to your next grocery store run knowing how to navigate all the food marketing labels?

✨ Are you ready to enjoy a meal out without feeling guilty or thinking that you'll need to be "good" tomorrow?


This is meant for you, my friend! 

​This is for you if

  • ​tried all the diets & are ready for something that lasts

  • you want to uncover hidden food rules & how to challenge them

  • want to feel confident in your food choices, at home & eating out

  • want to trust yourself when it comes to honoring your hunger

  • desire a stronger relationship with yourself through self-love & rituals

  • want to learn to listen intuitively & feel good in your body

  • you're ready to create a healthy relationship with food that lasts more than a food weeks!

What will you get out of this?

You can make sustainable changes in your life that will level up your whole-body health & wellness. By creating freedom and flexibility in your day to day life, with food and with yourself you can stop stressing about how/when/what you eat and start enjoying life more! This program will help you create change that lasts longer than any diet! 

Why make the leap? 

You can finally stop spending money on diet foods (that don't taste very good) and instead on foods you love that nourish your body and soul. In coaching together, you will gain knowledge about how to listen to and honor your body while supporting it so you can live optimally in your day to day. 

Save time, energy, and your sanity from stressing and instead invest in your long-term health & happiness! Because you deserve that my friend! 

 And you will never be in this alone! You have my support and accountability every step of the way! 

What you will get in this 3-month program

💪 1:1 Live coaching sessions with me 2x a month

💪 Access to me via Slack with any questions outside of our scheduled sessions

💪 An in-depth workbook and video modules covering everything from why diets don't work to gentle nutrition. 

💪 Email recaps following each session so you can always refer back when processing or need a reference

💪 Recommendations of recipes, podcasts, and other supplemental resources to check out that fit what you need as you go through the program.

Ready to find your balance?

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