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How do I know if I broke my food rules?

Food rules are restrictions have become so normalized and embedded into the day-to-day culture that you often forget.

If you haven’t read my piece on what are food rules - start by reading more about what a food rule is! Next - download my free eat with ZERO guilt guide to start uncovering your hidden food rules and how to start deconstructing them.

If you have identified your food rules, where they hide out and have started to tackle them one by one be sure to celebrate it! This isn’t an easy feat!

So how do you know you broke your food rules? That you are free from the restriction?

Ask yourself these questions, and be honest.

  • Is the guilt/stress/anxiety gone when you break the food rule?

  • Do you feel neutral towards the food rule?

  • Is your day unaltered when this food rule is broken?

  • Do you feel comfortable keeping this food in the house? (Is food rule a specific food?)

If you said no to any of these questions, it might be worth revisiting the food or thought that comes up for you.

**DO NOT SHAME YOURSELF with this**. Its okay!

This is a journey and its going to take time. Beliefs aren’t built overnight so changing your thoughts will take time. But you are here and putting in the work to free yourself so THAT is something to be proud of and hold on to.

If you said yes, then hell freakin yes my friend! And remember this journey isn't linear. Those times when stress feels all-consuming, old habits can creep back in. Keep checking in with these questions to keep those rules from settling back in!

If you need accountability - DM me on IG and let’s tackle it together!

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