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How to get the changes you make to STICK!

End of the year, starting a new chapter, or setting a new goal comes with some reflection!

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

How do you want to feel?

What does this new goal/chapter/year look like for you?

But the looming question that can hold you back, is HOW? How do I get there?

How do I lose weight?

How do I start to feel good in my body again?

How do I go from eating out every meal to all of a sudden cooking at home?

The honest truth is that it's going to look different for everyone! There is no one secret tell-all that can magically make your changes stick.

So instead of relying on one catch-all, here are a few to have in your pocket so that you have support for however you need it. Because it’s not a matter of if, it’s when you will need support. Change is hard. So when you are reflecting and setting those goals, starting a new chapter, or just ready to do something different for yourself, here are 3 tips to take with you as you navigate the change in your life.

Make it small.

The smaller the steps, the easier they are to manage, the less looming and scary they feel. Set your goal, but then those smaller baby steps are how you get there. By making the step so simple and so attainable that you think “how could I not do this” you find those baby steps to getting where you want to go feel much closer.

Have accountability.

You don’t have to do this alone, my dear! Friends, family, partners, or a coach are all great means of accountability and support. When making a change in your life, its essential to have a support system of people you trust and that care about you. It's not always going to be smooth sailing and thats okay. But the check-in from a friend, a reminder from your partner, or support from a coach can remind you that you’ve got this!!

Make it fun.

Now this one can be hard at times, but you only have one life so why would you want to go through life with dread or misery? RIGHT?! Find ways to make the things you are doing, challenging yourself, and wanting to change more fun! If your goal is more movement, can you do that with a friend or go dancing? If your goal is to drink more water, can you add flavor to it or pair it with your favorite snack? If your goal is to make more meals at home, can you do that while dancing to your favorite playlist or while drinking your favorite glass of wine? It can be that simple!

Whatever your goal, a new chapter, or reason for the change is share this with a friend who can be there to remind you of those tools you have in your tool box 💕

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