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Recipe: Easy Lunch Wrap

I love a good wrap for lunch! Even though I swear I would get fired from working at a deli since I can never wrap or roll them BUT they certainly hit the spot.

Wraps can be made in so many ways with a lot we already keep in the fridge. I love using Siete’s burrito-sized tortillas because I put so much in my wrap but you can honestly use any you like!

One of the many reasons I like keeping some chicken in the freezer, I didn't have any lunch meat so I popped it in the air fryer and tossed it in the wrap with some of my favorites.

Mentionables in this wrap:

✨Cava Hummus (oil-free which is huge since its in everything!)

✨Uncured Pepperoni

✨Sliced tomatoes and yellow peppers

✨Cauliflower crusted Chicken strips from the freezer

✨Handful of arugula

✨Topped of with Trader Joe's Green Goddess dressing

I have to say this wrap was made by the green goddess dressing fro TJs, YUM!

But you can make just about any of your favorite salads or sandwiches into a wrap!

What's your favorite wrap ingredient?!

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