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Travel Tips to feel good this summer

Coming off a 2-week trip, with a 10-hour time difference and 24-hour travel days on both ends. I'd say I'm feeling pretty good. But if I had done this trip even just 3 years ago, I can't say I would be feeling as good.

If it weren't for my travel tips that have grown and evolved over the past few years along with the knowledge around health and nutrition, I would be in a very different state.

Who wants to go on a trip (whether it's for work or for fun) and feel crappy either while you're there or when you get back?! I know I don't!

Chelsea and I hosted our May Wellness Within on IG live since in the spirit of authenticity, I just got back from a trip and she is getting ready to go on one so we wanted to share exactly what we did/are doing to feel our best pre and post-travel. If you missed it, you can watch it here!

4 Travel Tips

1. Pack your Travel essentials For me, these are things I pack on every single trip. No matter if it's a weekend, week-long, or extended trip I always have them! My essentials list consists of

- Electrolytes: LMNT orange is my favorite and they come in easy single-serving packets, perfect for travel (get a bonus variety pack with your first order using my link) - Snacks: I always bring a bag filled with protein bars, nut butter packs, homemade trail mix, chomp sticks, and any other fridge items I can bring on a plane/in the car to have handy. Joey will always laugh at me and say how long are we going to be gone for (but he is always the first to dive into the bag so I'm clearly on to something!) Having protein, fat, and fiber snacks is key just because you might not know how long until you can get something to eat. - Eye Mask: This has been a recent addition that has helped me improve my sleep at home and on the go. Having total darkness, regardless of where I am sleeping so I can fall asleep and stay asleep. Especially when traveling in different places, you might have the sun at different hours/stress lights etc. I got a simple silk eye mask off Amazon and use it literally every night. - Supplements: This included a daily vitamin (right now its prenatal vitamins as we plan to start a family in the future), Seed for my pre/probiotic, digestive enzymes to support nutrient absorption and digestion, and beef liver supplements. Keeping up with this routine is a huge factor in supporting your body stay regular despite being out of your normal day-to-day.

2. Movement Movement is something you get to do, not have to do. I think its important to highlight movement can be a variety of things. My body feels best when I do some sort of movement every day. That may be an exercise class, but it also might be a walk. When traveling it can be hard depending on where you are going and what plans you have to squeeze in what looks like normal movement for you. But prioritizing some time, even just 15 minutes can make a difference.

Some ways to support this could look like: - Going for a walk - Doing some bodyweight movements in your room before heading out for the day (Melissa Wood Health is perfect to travel with you) - If you can take a class or something as a group or whoever you are with, make it fun! - Walks before/after meals, in the morning, exploring the area you are in by foot or bike, going to listen to live music and dance it out. - Opting to travel by foot instead of Uber transportation if possible - Packing Bala bands for a little weight on top of body weight (easy to pack, they are only 1 pound each)

3. Lean into 80 x 20 Now if this is a new concept for you let me quickly explain. 80% of what you do is what makes the biggest difference in your health, consistency is key! But there is always room for 20% of things that may not support your physical health but more for your soul! This is still just as important for balance!! Vacations can easily become anxiety-ridden when it seems like you have to "burn off", lose weight before, or "earn" the upcoming indulgences which makes it 10x harder to feel good with expectations attached. Instead of viewing travel as a total free-for-all, and throwing everything out the window, why not keep the stuff that works for you and add in some more of the extras? For example, while in Greece, I still leaned into having a savory breakfast with plenty of protein, fat and fiber. This is a staple for me that leaves me feeling full, satisfied, and happy in my gut. But I also am a sucker for a good pastry and when those chocolate croissants are brought out, I"m sure as hell going to enjoy it. But I enjoyed it after my savory meal so it had less of an impact on my blood sugar. And I didn't feel guilty about it because it was something I knew I wanted to truly savor and enjoy!

Ways to support this for you can look like: - Keeping up with protein, fat, fiber in every meal (as best you can) - Lean into as many whole foods and minimally processed when you can - Enjoy & savor the indulgent foods!! - Don't stress too much about what you are or are not eating. Added stress will actually make your digestion worse.

4. Support your Sleep! On a vacation it's easy to think staying up really late is no big deal since you dont have anything going on the next day, you probably dont have to be at work and can have a slower or later morning. Sleep often gets put on the back burner. But since sleep is when your body rests, and the time your body gets the most restful sleep stays the same you obviously still want to get enough so you can actually enjoy your trip. If you're feeling run down and fatigued it's not going to be as fun to tackle those activity-filled days. Sometimes it is out of your control (like the length of travel/time zones/events you have to attend etc). So when that is the case, having tools that you can lean into the support your body and sleep cycle for the day and next night can be a game changer.

Ways to support your sleep on the go - Starting activities earlier to support not super late nights - Bringing an eye mask to ensure darkness no matter where you are (--> me knocked out on the plane thanks to my eye mask!) - Bringing any supplements that you have to support sleep like magnesium - Keeping parts of your evening routine (reading/meditation/legs elevated etc) - Getting enough sunshine (without sunglasses) on your eyes first thing in the morning - Gentle movement - Staying hydrated

So as you gear up for summer vacations and other travels,however long they might be, lean into the tips that work for you and make them your own! I'd love to know -- Which one will you implement on your next trip?

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