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3 simple Ways to Improve Your Digestion...for free!

Okay, I'll be honest here, these are going to sound way simpler than you think. And it's because there are so many tools in the tools box that we forget about that actually make a HUGE difference in how we feel. Influencers and Wellness Culture have made us believe that there are so many fancy things that can fix/cure/help with digestion (which there are definately aids out there) but there are also ones simple lifestyle changes you can make that will help without having to spend a thing!

Today I bet your life is pretty busy right? Lots going on? Running list of things to do, places to be, so on and so on.

When it comes to eating, the over arching theme that we as a society need to be better about, is slowing down. This all in itself can make a huge difference in how we feel during and after eating, the nourishment we get from our food, and the experience.

So what are the 3 simple tips? Here you go, my friend. I'll elaborate on them below.

  1. Chew your food

  2. Put the fork down

  3. Limiting large amounts of liquid when eating

Let me dive in to these a little bit!


1. Chew. Your. Food

Yes, you read that right. I'm telling you to chew your food. Now this might feel juvenile but its really the first step in digestion. Digestion starts in the mouth with the enzymes in your saliva so the more time the food is chewed, the easier it is on your intestines later down the track. (can you say less bloating or stomach pains!!)

When I say chew your food, I’m talking until its mush consistency. That’s close to 30 chews before swallowing. The more you chew in your mouth, the less work the rest of your digestion track has to do.

2. Put the fork down

I know, sounds so simple right. But so many of us are guilty of shoveling food into our mouths bite after bite. By putting down your fork, one you get to focus on the above (chewing your food) AND you give your digestion time before taking the next bite. The stomach signals when you are full but it doesn’t happen instantly. You have to let the body start the digestion process and be open to listening for the cues.

If you are shoveling food in your mouth so fast, you might end up taking a few more bites than what feels comfortable. Put the fork down & take a breath.

This is a great reminder for when we are in a rush but also when we are enjoying a meal with other people. Focus on the experience of the meal and your company, less about getting the food down.

3. Limiting large amounts of liquid when eating

Chugging your water during meals can sometimes lead to feeling excessively bloated. Tiny sips are fine, and of course drinks when you are thirsty. To support hydration, drinking water consistency throughout the day instead of downing it at meals can help with minimizing the need to chug water or drink at your meal.

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