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3 Ways to get Healthier WITHOUT dieting

When you hear someone say they need to get healthier, what comes to mind?



Body size?

Contrary to popular belief and what society has conditioned us to think, your health is SO MUCH more than just what you weigh or how you look.

So when you decide to get healthier and to make changes in your life, I challenge you to instead of this about food, diet, or calories, pick from one of these alternatives that are JUST as impactful on your health if not more!

  1. Human connection It's so easy to forget that supporting your health is often more what is OFF of your plate than it is on it. You aren’t meant to spend ALL your time alone and isolated. Now there is a difference between spending time with people because you feel like you have to versus when you want to! I’m talking about the nights with your best people or a new connection with someone who just gets you and you come home feeling grateful for the time you just spent. THAT connection fuels your body and supports the natural dopamine hits in your body as well as feeling supported and connected to those around you.

  2. Spending time with yourself (without technology) Confused? I know I just said by making more connections its supporting your health. The truth is they both are important and it's about finding a balance! When spending time with people becomes draining or impedes on your ability to connect with yourself, it can become more detrimental. It's important to create space and time where you can just be. A crucial part of this though… without technology. When I have asked clients when they are resting or spending time with themselves, what does that look like? It often entails,

    • scrolling on their phone

    • watching TV

    • playing a video game

    • some sort of entertainment/stimulation.

But there is so much opportunity for growth, reflection, and true rest and recharge in being alone with your thoughts.

  • Stretching

  • Going into a sauna

  • Plunge pool

  • Taking a walk (without headphones)

  • Meditating/reading / or journaling.

This is a form of self-care that if you don't prioritize YOU, there is will be an empty cup every time you show up for someone else.

3. Phone Free Time I am a strong believer that the beginning and end of your day is the only time that you have control over. Setting up at least 30 minutes without your phone at both ends of your day. If you can do 60 that's even better! There is nothing great about that feeling of stress when you first look at your phone and see all the emails that came in from either after you went to bed or before you have even gotten your feet to touch the floor. I can promise, that email is still going to be there when you finish your coffee or breakfast in the morning. When it comes to the evening, give your eyes time away from blue light to support your body's melatonin production. Allow time for your brain time to wind down from work or personal life drama and events before you close your eyes so that you can actually benefit from all the restorative benefits that sleep brings you!

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it again, your health is SO MUCH more than what you eat and how much you exercise. You can support your long-term health by implementing as many of these as possible but just pick one as a place to start!


So where will you start? Share this with a friend who you can lean on for some accountability (and of course that can always be me my friend!)

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