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4 Reasons You Might Be Exhausted

Tired of blindly guessing as to why you feel the way you feel or are experiencing symptoms that you hear are normal, but that just don't fit the way you want to feel? The power of functional screening tests can be so much more impactful than throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing if it sticks!

Let's talk a little about the power of what your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) can tell you!


This client was struggling with feelings of bloat after meals, sugar cravings, pms symptoms, & maintaining their weight!

She cooks mostly at home, has 2-3 cups of caffeine a day, and is fairly consistent with movement. She considers herself overall pretty healthy, takes a multivitamin, probiotic, and other wellness supplements.

Based on the results, here is what we found:

Slow 1 Metabolic type (her body is burning energy at a slower rate than usual)

✨ High Ca/P - adding in more restorative movement, managing stress, and what brings her more joy to help manage her state of burnout. Reducing her consumption of caffeine and other stimulants here will help!

✨ High Na/K - Boosting potassium-rich foods to help support enough potassium in the cells will help to support tolerance of carbohydrates and glucose burning, but also support the proteins in the body. This indicator is important to the electrical balance of the body and maintains the sodium/potassium pump for every cell. This can also be tired to PMS symptoms since there is stress on the liver!

✨High Ca/K - Often can indicate too much bio-unavailable or not enough potassium to get the thyroid hormones into the cell. Can play a role in energy levels, weight, dry skin, and hair. Its also important to be eating enough quality calories. So by boosting her protein intake, potassium mineral rich foods to find a better balance.

✨Low Na/Mg - When this ratio is extremely low, it indicates decreased adrenal gland activity & potential adrenal dysfunction so we really want to support reducing stress (which can be work or excessive cardio workouts w/o enough rest) & implementing practices that support the body being more resilient to stress.

With the power and knowledge from her HTMA results, here are some areas we are focusing on:

+ lifestyle habits to rest & reduce stress

+ adding in more whole food rich in minerals

+ prioritizing protein

+ swapped out some of her multivitamins & supplements for more bio-available brands to bridge the gaps!

It isn't about making drastic changes all at one time - its about making small, incremental changes that you can commit too. Seeing how this then impacts your minerals with a retest and informing decisions from there.

If this is something you are interested in, you can learn more about my HTMA offer!

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