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But I'm Not Stressed...

I hear so often from friends, family, and clients statements like "I don't think I'm stressed!"

Does this sound like you?

Just because you don't feel overwhelmed with work or have any big life moments going on, doesn't mean your body isn't interpreting lifestyle factors as stressors.

Stress on the body can be

~ skipping breakfast and running on cortisol in the morning

~ not getting enough sleep

~ eating a lot of ultra-processed foods that cause inflammation on the body & more work for the liver

~ chronic exposure to endocrine disruptors (think those perfumes, air fresheners, candles, laundry detergents, body sprays etc).

~ imbalanced blood sugar

~ overexercising

~ low nutrient-dense diet

It's these stressors that can wreak havoc on your hormones even when you don't have a "stressful week". They might seem small and insignificant on their own, but compounded with more than one stressor and repeated regularly, this is where the body takes a toll, throwing your hormones off balance.

Focusing on these stressors and ways to flip them to better serve you might be the key you didn't know you needed to unlock your healing journey. Try prioritizing a protein breakfast, turning off the TV and getting those 7-9 hours of sleep, or swapping that intense cardio class for a yoga flow or sculpt class instead.

HTMA is great for zoning in and addressing your stress response - especially since it shows insights for over the last 3 months. You can snag your HTMA slot here to start making dial-in changes to support where you are.


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