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Client Success Story🏆: Morgan

I love nothing more than when my clients have that AHA moment. Their wins are my wins! And I want to share them with you because its the proof that you are capable of healing yourself by yourself, sometimes you just need to know you are not alone. I gotchu don't worry!

Check out my girl Morgan's success story after working with me!


Q: Why did you want to work with me? What about me drew you to me?

A: Well you have always been easy to talk to and since we knew each other before, I knew from getting together and having followed you on Instagram that you were a great resource for all things health related based on your content and the way you live your life.

Q: What were some of your biggest concerns and worries about working with me, if any, before we started?

A: Some of my biggest worries were “Is this going to work” and “will I get anything out of this”. It’s always a little nerve racking before making that investment in yourself but I got more out of it than I ever envisioned I would.

Q: What has been your favorite part of doing this work?

A: Seeing how far I have come - mostly from a knowledge and confidence standpoint. Learning what is okay and that sleep is so beneficial and different ingredients that we can swap along with getting rid of the guilt and shame that come from diet culture. It’s been a game changer.

Q: What was the biggest transformation you got? (And if relevant: how did that impact different areas of your life?)

A: The biggest transformation I got was all mental. To be honest, when I started my thoughts were very much like “Oh working with Jordan will help me lose weight”. It’s so different in the sense that now I have the tools and knowledge to make lifestyle changes instead of quick fixes that could help me drop a few pounds only to gain them back. Mentally, releasing the weight of shame and guilt around what I was eating has been so powerful.

Q: What surprised you the most about working with me?

A: I was most surprised actually by what I got out of it. Like I said, I thought I’d do some coaching and be like “okay I’m motivated to eat health and exercise” but it was so much different and I’m so glad that it wasn’t what I was expecting because now I realize the proper way to have success with this.

Q: How would you explain the coaching process with me to someone who is going through the same challenges as you were?

A: I would explain it as a safe space where you can open up about any of your challenges when it comes to anything related to your health and I mean ANYTHING: sleep, foods, diet, exercise, stress, etc. All of it is connected and I think it’s amazing that sometimes you just need guidance to direct you where you want to go and the proper tools to help get you there. Jordan provides this and so much more!


THIS COULD BE YOU! Just Imagine that! -- Actually do more than just imagine it. Lets make it happen. Schedule a free mini-session with me & let's get started!

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