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#1 Health Coaching Tip

Alright my friends, here it is. I'm giving away my number 1 health coaching tip to you right here, for free. Because that is how powerful it is that I want to share it with everyone.

Are you ready?!

My number 1 health coaching tip to tell my clients is - Adopt an addition mindset!

Yes, you read that right. It's okay to be confused. Because you're probably thinking - wait aren't I supposed to cut out the junk food, restrict my calories, drink less alcohol -- that sort of thing? NO! I'm here to tell you that starting today, you can shift your mindset and ditch the restriction.

Hearing the "don't do this", "cut this out of your diet", "eat less of that" -- how does that make you feel? Like you are being restricted to certain things & you have to give up a lot. Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't.!

Let's break this down!

So what does an addition mindset mean? Simply put - it means to add more in.

Adding in more can improve your health and wellness exponentially! When you add in more of the good stuff, you leave less room for all junk that weighs you down & takes away from your space, your energy, and your nourishment.

Let's use an example & because we often go right to physical health, we will start there.

Society has conditioned us that if we want to lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories. Because the fewer calories we eat, the less weight we put on.... right?!

....Wrong! There are so many things I could say about this. But to start, not all calories are equal. Just because you are eating less, doesn't mean what you are eating is nourishing your body. So instead of eating fewer calories, try adding in more nourishing, whole foods.

Adding more colors to your plate incorporates more vitamins and minerals that your body needs to support different functions and systems in the body. Adding in more proteins, healthy fats, and fiber support your energy, fullness, & satiety.

But in case you don't know by now, your health is SO MUCH MORE than just what you eat and your physical health. It's also your mental & emotional health. This is what we call a holistic perspective -- where we take into account the view of your whole self!! It is all connected, your are one whole person after all.

Let's shift to looking at your emotional health.

When you have had a day where everyone needs something from you, work has been nonstop, there has been no time for you to stop and pause, just go, go, go.

How do you feel?? Exhausted, drained, low energy vibes, closed off sometimes, right? When you pour from an empty cup, where you give everything to everyone else without taking any time for yourself, you are putting yourself into a depleted state. Its easy to say you don't have time or you don't have the energy.

The key here is to fill up your cup first! When you add in more of what gives you energy - whether that be movement, meditation, surrounding yourself with friends, or just space to take a second, you are then able to give from a place of abundance.

So take those 30 minutes to go on a walk and spend time with your thoughts or listening to your favorite podcast. Prioritize spending your morning meditating or reading so you can connect with yourself before the rest of the world gets your attention. Add in more of what gives you energy because when you spend the time on your emotional health it ripples into all other areas in your life.

See what I mean now?

Adding in more allows you to fill yourself up with all the goodness your body needs. When you're filled up on the foods that nourish you, the practices that fill up your cup, and the grounding support of relationships that support you, there is less room for all the other stuff. This can look different for everyone and can even be different for you on a daily basis. It will take practice and shifting from a long past of a diet-culture mindset doesn't happen overnight. And if you need help, that's why I'm here, my friend! You never have to do this alone. And you aren't meant to.

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