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Recipe: Mini Breakfast sliders

These were a HIT at our Christmas brunch this year and honestly, they were so easy to make they could be used year-round for any breakfast or brunch celebration!

If you want something new to implement as a part of your breakfast routine for easy, on-the-go, then you definitely want to check these out.

What you need:

- Ham or Canadian bacon

- Pack of the pull-apart slider rolls (King's Hawaiian or something similar)

- 8-10 eggs, scrambled

- Chives

- Shredded Cheese or Dairy free alternative (I used Raw Milk Cheese for mine I snagged at Sprouts!)

What to do:

Crack all your eggs into a giant bowl and whisk them up. Scramble and season with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and other favorite spices!

Cut your slider buns in half without pulling them apart. You should have all the tops connected and the bottoms connected. Place the bottoms in your pan.

Cutting your ham/Canadian bacon into quarters, place 2 or 3 quarter pieces on each roll. This will help make cutting through them/pulling them apart easier!

Then dump your scrambled eggs on top of the ham, feel free to completely cover it all.

Cut your chives up finely and sprinkle over top of the eggs. Follow with the cheese!

Place your top buns to cover. Pop in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes until the cheese is melted and enjoy!!

(These are also super easy to prep ahead of time! We made them in the morning and kept in the fridge until heading to brunch. )

Save for your next Brunch if you need something in a pinch (or just want something tasty for breakfast with little effort)!

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