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Recipe: Spiced Cranberry Mocktail

This spiced cranberry mocktail is perfect for your holiday celebration. It can be easily made into a cocktail if you are looking to booze it up.

It tastes like the holidays and a so simple to whip together!

What you need:

1 oz. Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative

3 oz. spiced cranberry juice (recipe for that below!)

1 lime

1/2 orange

Cinnamon sticks

Cloves Ice

This breakdown is for one drink - be sure to increase for multiple.

What to do:

Mix up your spiced cranberry juice first - in a pot add your cranberry juice, cinnamon sticks and cloves. Simmer on low for ~30 mins. Pour into a glass and store in the fridge to chill before mixing.

When ready to mix your cocktail, juice 1 lime and 1/2 a medium orange.

In a glass, pour your 3oz cranberry juice, fresh squeezed orange and lime juice, and add your zero-proof or regular tequila and top with some ice.

Optional - if you like it carbonated, you can top it off with a splash of Spindrift Lime or club soda.

This is also great to batch - making a pitcher of the cranberry juice, orange juice, and lime juice mix and store in the fridge.

Happy Holidays!

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