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Tips to Reduce Bloating

Ever finished a meal and felt extremely bloated?! Or maybe it's not prompted by a meal but just feel really uncomfortable and distended in your belly? Uh, I know the feeling. NO FUN!

Bloat can be caused by a lot of different things. It’s important to get to the root cause not just put a bandaid on it by taxing some gas-x.

This is why I don’t love just telling clients what to do because it could be different for each person.

These tips are practices you can try on to see if it helps get to the root cause of what might be causes some digestive issues. Like anything, nothing is a cure-all but these can help support your gut a reducing bloating discomfort.

1. Digestive Enzymes or Digestive bitters

I have tried a couple. Thorne / Arrae have two that I really like and are well known. Hilma also has a great bloat supplement that is made from natural elements. Urban Moonshine also has a digestive bitters which supports digestion, bloat, gas, and other discomforts. You can read more about their different option here.

2. Cooking your veggies.

This can help break the fibers down a little before digestion so you bloat less. Instead of going straight for salads with raw veggies, try some warm bowls with roasted or sautéed ones instead. Plus variety in your diet is good to keep you enjoying it too!

3. Practice meditation.

This practice supports your vagus nerve (the connection point between your gut and parasympathetic nervous system). The Parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is what brings you into a rest & digest state — hence why it helps with digestion. New to meditation? Start small with just a few minutes.

4. Limit carbonated beverages during meals.

Sparkling drinks add extra gas and air to the stomach and digestive tract. Try sticking to still beverages or drinking more of your beverage after your meal.

Save this for later for when you need some reminders!

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