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What I ate in my 1st Trimester

As a health coach, I told myself I was going to be super healthy during my pregnancy. But one thing I have learned is that surviving is really all you can do in the first trimester. I wasn't always able to eat protein first or pair my meals with fat and fiber like I normally do. Sometimes the carby things were all that could go down.

I was fortunate not to have any extreme nausea or vomiting but food aversions were really strong and my appetite was definitely far from normal. Most animal meats were hard to consume, they had to be really hidden from the rest of the flavors.

What I focused on:

  • Eating protein when I could stomach it, even in little amounts

  • Sneaking in Protein, fat, fiber, when I could

  • lower sugar and natural sugar when possible

Here is a short condensed list of some of the primary foods that helped me survive:

  • Saltines or rice cakes with peanut butter

  • PB toast

  • sometimes hard-boiled eggs (if I could stomach them)

  • Bone broth

  • Protein power balls

  • Pretzels and hummus

  • Overnight oats (with added protein powder)

  • The Better Bagel (protein bagel)

  • Mac and Cheese & Pasta (made with brami for protein)

  • Chips and salsa, and mashed avocado

  • Protein Smoothies (this was probably the best way I got protein in)

Nowhere near perfect or ideal. But it was the best I could do!

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