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When Healthy Habits Become Harmful

When I hear a client or even just a friend saying they want to eat healthier, I’m ALL for it! Taking action to support positive change in your life is something that should be celebrated 🎊 But its important to make sure you are taking action that is truly supportive of your health, and not secretly being detrimental behind the scenes.

As a former subscriber to the diet culture mentality, I have had to do a lot of work to undo years of mindset thoughts and behaviors that were actually inhibiting me from finding true balance and wellness that worked to support my life and my goals.

So if you or you know someone who is on a journey of eating healthier to support making a change, hell yes! But let’s do a quick check-in to make sure that habits and the why behind those habits are ones that are there to support you long term!

Here are some common thoughts & actions deemed “healthy” and be honest if you identify with them or not:

➕ Cutting out gluten, dairy, and refined sugars

➕ Eating more salads

➕ Cutting out/restricting desserts

➕ No more alcohol

➕ Participating in a challenge such as 75 Hard

➕ Cooking more meals at home

Seem harmless right? Or better yet, seem like they should all be considered healthy things to do?

They all can be for sure! But healthy habits can easily take a turn to unhealthy habits when they are 1) done for the wrong reasons and 2) taken to the extreme. Let me break down how all of these can go from being supportive to harmful.

So when the next time you or someone you know decides to make some changes in their health habits and routine, remember to look past just the surface level and dig deeper to the why behind it and how its going to show up in your day-to-day.

If walking the line between balance and restriction is a hard one for you, let's get on a call and chat. I would love to support you 1:1 on this journey.

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