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5 Holistic practices you didn't know you needed

My health journey is still ongoing and I think there is always room to learn, try new things, and re-evaluate what works for you based on your season of life. Here are 5 holistic practices that have changed my health and happiness.

5.. Getting Sunshine! Cost: FREE! Getting sunshine every day, as close to when I wake up has made a massive difference in not only my mood but also my energy. I used to reach for a cup of coffee first thing, pretty much after making my bed I was down in the kitchen making coffee. But now, I don't reach for caffeine for the first couple hours of my day and my matcha of coffee is more for enjoyment, not dependence.

The eyes are the window into your brain and it signals to the body what time of day it is. Sunlight = awake!!! Getting sunlight on your eye signals to your circadian clock what time of day it is. 4. Drinking bone broth daily Cost: $1.75-$3.25 a cup

Now before you scrunch up your nose at me, hear me out. I’m not saying you can’t have your cup of coffee. I’m a BIG advocate of starting off the day savory over sweet to support blood sugar and this definitely helps with that. Plus it has so many benefits such as being soothing for the gut, packed with collagen & protein, supporting hydration, reducing inflammation, and is filled with a ton of vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

Depending on where you get your bone broth the cost can vary. I love to stock up on my individual packs of Bare Bones powdered broth on Thrive Market. These make it easy to grab and take on the go, and also perfect for any travel. Another great brand is Kettle & Fire! I use this to cook rice and quinoa to boost the nutrient profile even more for my meals. 3. Legs up on the wall Another FREE one for you. This practice has been huge in my sleep routine. I'm spending more days on my feet coaching so elevating my legs before I go to sleep helps to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and help me to de-stress from the day which gets me further into a state ready for sleep. This can be done laying on the ground with your legs up on a wall or laying on your bed with your legs on the headboard/wall behind your bed, If you do lay on the ground, having a pillow for your head can feel good depending how long you plan to stay in the position. This is one of several yoga poses that is an inversion (similar to a downward dog or a headstand) where gravity can help work on the body! Even just 5 mins while you journal or read will go a long way. 2. Tongue Scraper You will never go back after this one, my friend. There is nothing like a really clean tongue to support fresh breath! I use to scrub my tongue with my toothbrush to try and get it as clean as possible. But you can get a tongue scraper off Amazon (I got a 2 pack so Joey could have one too). I promise you your mouth will feel so good. You want to get a stainless steel or copper scraper and be sure to wash it after every use to keep it clean. Not only does it make your mouth feel good, it supports a healthy mouth microbiome. 1. Hot Girl Walks! All about the free and simple tips. And Walking is my number one! Our bodies are made to move, and most of us (myself some days included) end up sitting more that moving.

There are so many pros to walking on a daily basis: endorphin boost, low impact on the body, supports blood sugar balance, stress relief, if you go outside its great for vitamin D exposure, self care practice.. the list goes on and on. Pairing this with the sunshine one, try going for a walk in the morning before the peak of the sun without sunscreen or sunglasses to really reap the benefits of the sun a vitamin D on your eyes and skin. Of course, this is not medical advice and always consult your doctor if you have any existing conditions/health concerns. What’s something that you do / use that has changed your life? 👇🏼

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