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8 Secrets to kick start your health journey

Now you already know I will never tell you this is a hard and fast set of rules to follow. NOTHING WORKS THE SAME FOR EVERYONE.

We are all unique human beings but these as a general rule of thumb will help set your body up for success and support your long-term health.

Forget PERFECT. Instead, focus on CONSISTENCY.

Your action item: PICK 1 of these and start there! Commit to it for 6 weeks. Create the habit and consistency before adding something new.

  1. Eat 30 grams of protein at each meal

  2. Eat protein, fat, and fiber, at each meal

  3. Eat Breakfast (don’t skip it!!)

  4. Sleep at least 7 hours

  5. Schedule stress release (make time for it)

  6. Cook at home more than you eat out

  7. Move your body daily for at least 25 minutes

  8. Support your gut health (fiber-rich foods & quality probiotics)

Sound simple? It is! Lifestyle habits are the biggest piece to your overall health and happiness. It starts with the little things.

Which one will you start with? Mark it on your calendar every day for the next 6 weeks!

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