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All Things HTMA (what, why, & how freaking cool it is!!)

I’m SO excited to announce that I am able to offer Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to my clients. It is such an easy, inexpensive way to get real data about what's going on in your body that might be contributing to symptoms or health conditions.

If you have never heard of HTMA then let's start there.

What is HTMA?!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a non-invasive mineral biopsy of your hair that allows us to look at the mineral deposition in the cells across a 2-3 month period. The part of the hair closest to the root holds metabolic information from when it was inside the body at one point in time. That means it had exposure to the internal fluids and processes of the body.

This is a screening test that can shed light on different mineral levels, their ratios, and heavy metal levels in the body.

Why Minerals?

Well, because everything in the body happens with the use of minerals. We have minerals we need in larger amounts and then minerals we need in trace amounts but they all are important! They are essential to your body working efficiently and effectively. Think of them like spark plugs in the body! Take calcium for example — we need calcium in order to release insulin from the pancreas which is what helps us utilize glucose in the body.

We hear about taking your vitamins but minerals haven’t always been a talking topic until recently. But it isn’t as simple as supplementing with single mineral supplements because the minerals in your body work together, so its the ratios that we really need to look at. We can do this with an HTMA test.

HTMA results can show us if minerals have accumulated in the body or what might be displaced which is what can lead to a variety of symptoms you might be experiencing.

Now for the freaking cool part!

What can HTMA tell us? The hair sample you send into the lab can provides us with insight into how your body is functioning at a cellular level (since your cells are the major site of metabolic activity).

It can show us things like:

  • if you are burning through minerals and nutrients too quickly or slowly (metabolic rate- Hello energy levels!).

  • What stage of stress you are in, how stress is impacting the body (chronic or acute stress)

  • How your immune system is functioning

  • Information about thyroid and adrenal health, based on hormones associated with specific minerals

  • How your body tolerates carbohydrates, whether we are eating enough protein, too many carbs, etc.

  • Energy levels

  • Personality tendencies

  • & so much more!

HTMA testing is one of the lower-cost, non-invasive functional labs you can get and don’t have to go through insurance which means anyone can get it!

If you are ready to stop blindly guessing at what is going on in your body and get a true snapshot of your personalized mineral levels — be sure to check out my HTMA offer!

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