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Condiments I keep on hand

I'll let you in on a little secret....

I keep things pretty simple around here. I'm not always experimenting with new, elaborate recipes, despite the fact that I love cooking and trying new things. But the days and the weeks have a way of being too full that I lean into what I know and can commit to more often than anything.

And the secret to keeping the meals I love interesting AND tasting good is having handy condiments in the house to lean on to add some flavor. Meal prep is easier when you can make a bunch of one of two things and stretch it into a couple of different meals.

Adding different condiments can take a meal with basically the same ingredients and turn it into different cuisines and palettes each time.


Here are some of my must-haves in the house to get me through a week of meals.

Primal Kitchen Dressings

Primal Kitchen has some of the best ingredients, quality taste, and a variety of options when it comes to dressings and marinades. I love having these to turn a chicken taco bowl into a chicken caesar salad with little effort.


I am a sucker for fresh salsa! Not only could I eat it with chips on any given day but it levels up taco salads, taco bowls, or anything I might want to make with a more Mexican flavor (enchilada, breakfast tacos etc). I change it up between the pico de Gallo salsa at Trader Joe's and jarred salsa so that I know I have something on hand. Just be sure to check for any hidden sugars and a few preservatives as possible.


This should be considered a superfood because of the benefits it has on your gut. Feeding your gut with beneficial bacteria is a great way to support your overall health. But it also adds a tangy taste to your meals. I love to have this topped on salads, bowls ( burger bowls this is a must!), and sometimes even just a few bites before my meal as a savory starter. Costco carries a large tub of this which makes it easy to stock up on!

Coconut Aminos

I use these in place of soy sauce at home. They are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. But they taste just as good if not better than soy sauce so are perfect to put an Asian spin on your meal. I promise it doesn't actually taste anything like coconut!


Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds so its a great source of B vitamins, phosphorus, and manganese. It has a slightly nutty flavor but is not overpowering. It's great to use in homemade dressings, or to add to smoothies, on toast, or to boost up a bowl with some flavor. Getting creative, there are several ways to use this is a variety of meals.

Nut butter

This is a must-have! Especially if you are a smoothie lover. Its an easy way to bolster your smoothies, but also pairs well with meals and snacks. I love the brand Nuttzo because they incorporate a variety of nuts and seeds getting your all the benefits of each, rolled into one jar. Another find at Costco that can be great to stock up on (I buy like 3 at a time).

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another staple for dressings and marinades, not to mention also great for supporting blood sugar, digestion, and gut health. Easy to mix into many different meals and support an overall healthy balanced meal.

Now for your next grocery run, which are you adding to your list to have on hand?

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