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How to stock your kitchen for intuitive eating

Let’s talk about you can stock your pantry and fridge for intuitive eating! It can be easier than you think!

It starts by having a variety of options that you know you enjoy and reach for on a regular basis.

I have talked about the Satiety Gang as being a key piece to finding satisfaction in your meals. And in order to have it in your meals, having in accessible is just as important! The Satiety Gang, a term that RD Rachel Hartley coined in her book Gentle Nutrition, includes protein, fats, carbohydrates, fun, volume, and pleasure. Without these, you might find yourself heading back for more after a meal.

Let me clear the air now - that is not a bad thing! You can absolutely go back for more or to grab something else after a meal if you are still hungry or want something else! The Satiety Gang comes in to help support you in getting all the pieces to a well-balanced meal (or snack) so you are satisfied. Leaving you less inclined to mindlessly graze through the pantry or fridge.

So how to stock your pantry and fridge for intuitive eating?

Have a mix of fresh, frozen, & dry goods

Variety is always good so that you don’t feel stuck, bored, or limited by what you can have. Fresh options can be fresh fruits, and veggies to throw with whatever meats you keep in the freezer. Or it can be having frozen veggies to toss into the oven and roast with a variety of spices. Dry goods such as oats, pasta, crackers, canned goods, and nut butter are some staples that you can use for various meals or snacks throughout the day!

This might start out small as the more you notice what would be nice to have, add it to your grocery staples list.

Buying the sweet options you like.

Yes, having these on hand is a part of intuitive eating. If you force yourself to keep them out of the house then you have a food rule and mindset that leads to bingeing and restricting. Allow yourself to have the chocolate, ice cream, cookies, or whatever indulgences you enjoy at home. Once you get over the honeymoon phase of having them at home, you will find yourself enjoying them when you want them without obsessing about them or fearing them.

I LOVE this picture from IIN because it depicts it perfectly!

Trying New Things

If you are at the store and see something that piques your interest, allow yourself to try it! Remember, variety is good, and keeping your meals exciting and appetizing can allow you to avoid getting bored or burnt out on the same thing all the time. Does this mean your meals have to be elaborate, no! They can still be simple and adding in a new twist to something you know you enjoy or is simple to make (that can include frozen meals too). This is great when the seasonal items come into rotation, swapping them out throughout the year.

For this upcoming week, save this post and refer to it as you plan and navigate your grocery run!

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