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The key piece to planning your meals

I am all about meal planning because it makes my life easier when it comes to eating! I have less stress in my day trying around food and it helps me prepare for the week (for all you planner types out there!)

But one thing that most meal planning, prep guides, and most diets won’t tell you to plan for that is KEY in you enjoying your meals but also allowing it to serve you — Satisfaction

What is Satisfaction?

It’s the mental sensation of satiety. Its that “hit the spot” feeling you get when a meal is just what you were looking for! Just goes to show you there is more to eating than just fuel — its enjoyment too!

How to plan for Satisfaction

Now can you always predict that a meal is going to be satisfying on Wednesday when you meal plan on Sunday? Not exactly.

But think about it. You know those meals you have made before that have been oh-so good. Make a list of what those are.

Having things in your pantry essentials or on your grocery staples list that you know have left you feeling satisfied and full after a meal are the ones you want to incorporate into all your meals.

The Satiety Gang

Rachel Hartley, a gentle nutrition RD in her book Gentle Nutrition refers to the Satiety Gang as the makeup for feeling satisfaction following each meal.

Run through this checklist to make sure you have all the pieces before your next meal.

  • Protein

  • Fat

  • Carbohydrates

  • Volume (enough food for you so you are full!)

  • Pleasure (what sounds good & what do you enjoy!)

There is no right or wrong way to do this, it's unique to you (and that will change on the daily! Explore and experiment with this and remember that some days you may need more food!

Screenshot & save this for your next meal-planning session or dinner out!

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