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Recipe: Gut-Happy Rootbeer Float

Root beer floats bring back memories of being a kid and soaking up the sunshine. Let's take a classic rootbeer float but put a little bit of a twist on it!

I recently discovered my love for Olipop's Classic Root beer but without all the extra sugar and preservatives. I haven't had soda in years, even before I because super into health because I cut it out for one year during Lent and just never went back! I felt better without the extra sugar, no sugar crash, and my teeth felt better.

But just the other day I had a hankering for a root beer when I stumbled upon Olipop at the store. I tried it and WOW! It really does taste like root beer. With plant fiber and prebiotics, this soda is much better for your gut health!

Pair this with some quality ice cream and you, my friend have your childhood dessert re-imagined!

I used Cosmic Bliss Diary Free Vanilla ice cream but they also have a grass-fed dairy ice cream too! I love this brand because for their dairy free version they use grass-fed cows for the dairy which improves the quality of the creaminess but also the quality because freely roaming cows are happier! But of course, any ice cream will work!

What you need:

1 Can of Olipop Root Beer

1 pint of Cosmic Bliss or another brand of Vanilla ice cream

What to do:

Scoop your desired amount of ice cream into a glass.

Then pour your Root beer over top, letting the foam settle and topping off the glass (or your desired amount).

Grab a spoon or straw and take a walk down memory lane!

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