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'Stressed' isn't a Badge of Honor

For some reason, we have started to wear the badge of being stressed proudly. but not anymore. I’m intentionally working on ways to reduce and better manage my stress.

I know it won’t all go away. Life is not stress-free and a little stress can be good. BUT I do know that I don’t want it to run my life.

So instead of stressing about stress, here is what I’m focusing on to make myself more capable of handling the stress. Being PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.

  1. More fun, laughter, and joy! Did you know that this can combat stress?!? I’m intentionally making time for what brings me joy and makes me happy!

  2. Time spent outdoors. Sunshine and vitamins D, fresh air does wonders. And if I can get outdoor movement then even better! This not only helps regulate my body block but also supports hormones and brings down cortisol levels. And its a way for me to leave the technology inside and tune inward.

  3. Prioritizing balanced meals. My body doesn’t like being stressed about when is its next meal going to come. So eating balanced meals that give it the nutrients it needs, sends signals to my body that it is safe.

  4. Grounding. This is one I’m committing to make more of a priority. Touching the earth with your bare skin helps to tap in and boost the parasympathetic nervous system. I’ll be honest, I have all the excuses why I haven’t done this. But I’m making it a priority for myself moving forward.

  5. Movement. A combination of gentle movement and a good sweat helps to give the body a way to detox, support lowering cortisol levels, release endorphins, reduce tension, and a mental escape to disconnect.

  6. Self-care practice. This is something I have learned isn't a luxury, it's a requirement. I can't pour from an empty cup and without taking care of myself first, there is no way I can pour into other areas of my life. Now I don't mean an expensive self-care practice. It can be as simple as meditation in the morning, scheduling time for myself, for date nights with Joey, and time to do what I enjoy.

What am I missing? What are some of your favorite ways to make your body more resilient to stress?

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