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Travel Tips to Feel Good This Summer (Part 2)

First - if you haven't already, check out my blog on 4 travel tips for feeling good this summer. These will help a lot on the front end and during your trip to help you feel your best to enjoy your time away from home!

But the post-travel support is just as important to help you get back into the swing of your routine and habits. Plus if you have any jetlag or timezone changes, these can especially be helpful.

4 Post Travel Recovery Tips

1. Prioritize Sleep Yes I know, this was on the pre and during tips too! But THATS how important it is. I just saw an Instagram post that said if sleep could be bottled it would be better than Ozempic, Prozac, and Adderall. Getting back to your time zone by adjusting to the time helps minimize jet lag and also helps to bolster your immune system.

2. Restock the fridge

Most of us when we come home from a trip there isn't much in the fridge so we resort to a quick bit. But having a fridge full of the foods you love that give you nourishing options makes it easier to lean back into those home-cooked meals. Depending on the time you get back home, try and make a grocery run at the top of your list. Maybe after unpacking and starting a load of laundry :)

Check out my grocery haul right after I got back from my 2-week travel.

3. Move your body

The movement on your trip might have been different from your regular schedule. Lean back into those movement rituals that boost your energy and leave your body feeling good! Sign up for a class, block it off on your calendar, and schedule a walking get-together with a friend for accountability. Whatever it is! It doesn't have to be high intensity but even moving after sitting on a plane or in the car will feel great!

4. Slow & Steady Give yourself some grace. Lean back into things but don't sprint right out of the starting gates. Start slow, plan out what your priorities are for the first few days back.

Below is a screenshot of the 4 post-travel tips to save for easy reference next time you're unloading the car/plane and getting back in the door.

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