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Chapter 31: What I'm taking & what I'm leaving in this next season

Growing up, hearing someone was in their 30s felt so old. I mean come on, I know I'm not the only one who felt like this. Looking at your parents or your friend's older siblings and being like wow they are so old... I'm not judging you, I definitely had that lense when I was younger.

Even in college, I used to think that by the time you got to 30, your life was halfway over. But it is FAR FROM IT!

Thinking back to how different life was just 10 years ago, a lot has changed since I was 21! Now that I am here, kicking off 31 years young, I still feel like there is so much ahead of me. I continue to learn more about who I am, about my body, and growing in my health, relationships, and business.

I love a good reflection and growth moment. So with the start of 31 tomorrow, here are 4 reasons I am happier and healthier than I was when I was 21!

1. I found balance that works for me in this season of life

I stopped looking at food as a reward or punishment! Instead, learning its something I don't have to earn/burn/or feel guilty about! At this season of my life, I know I can choose to eat foods that fuel me and love me back, fueling my body with colorful vegetables and grass-fed proteins, and homecooked meals. But also eating foods that fuel my soul such as dinners out with Joey on a date night, with girlfriends catching up, or on a family vacation hitting favorite spots. There is room for it all!

80x20 isn't something that I look at as a rule, because there is no rule that can tell you what to eat, how to eat, or how to be healthy without having some level of restriction. Instead, 80x20 is a guide for me to support myself with consistency around what nourishes me the most, leaving me feeling my best most often, and setting me up for a future to continue living the life I want while also enjoying the moment I'm in right now!

2. I'm leaning into relationships, foods, and lifestyle habits that serve me!

I have pretty much stopped drinking alcohol because this is what feels best for me. I know its better for my body but also my mind. Does it mean I won't have a glass of wine for a celebration or if I'm in a unique place, no. I'm not going to label myself as I drink or don't drink because I don't want to feel like a failure if I do decide to have a glass. But my relationship with alcohol is much less prominent than it used to be and that is what works best for me now, physically, mentally, emotionally (and financially! Not drinking is a great way to save some money!!)

My relationship with food has become a love relationship instead of a transactional one. You won't find me skipping breakfast because I'm trying to save calories for a bigger meal later in the day or for the weekend if there is a celebration. I eat foods that love me back, intentionally focus on balancing my blood sugar, eating a variety of whole foods with vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients to fuel my body!

3. I'm prioritizing my strength & energy over calorie-burning cardio and jean size.

The former cardio queen in me has officially retired from half marathon races and the need to hit a certain amount of calories burned to feel it was "enough". Learning more about how the body works, and what truly supports my health long term has allowed me to shift my focus and relationship with movement and what healthy habits I want to have, I know that more muscle mass supports better blood sugar balance and glucose levels, less high-intensity cardio is better for my stress levels and therefore overall health, and that size is not the determining factor of my health.

4. I invest in quality over quantity

The quality of the relationships in my life, the quality of the food I'm fueling my body with, and the products in my routine are so much more than how many. The older I have gotten, the more protective of my energy and time I have gotten and I realize the quality of the relationships matters way more than how many people you can say are your "friend".

I know that food is expensive right now, no matter where you live, and investing in certain kinds of food might seem really expensive, but for me looking at the quality of what I'm feeding myself and my family is a priority to support us long term. Priorities used to be in college whatever free food I could get, free stuff I could get and now I am very intentional about who, and what I bring into my life.


Each season of life teaches us something. There is no reason to judge yourself or look back and cringe. But instead, use it as a way to learn, grow, and continue to create the life you want.

What are some things you have learned since you were 21?!?

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