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Exercise is OUT —> Here’s whats IN

Exercise is out in 2023, I’m calling it now!

You’re probably like, you are crazy. You are a fitness instructor and a health coach, how can you say exercise is out?!

Exercise has carried different weight, meanings, and interpretations for me over the years as I have gone on my own health and wellness journey. Maybe you can relate to this too!

Instead, in 2023 I want you to join me in saying goodbye to exercise —> hello to MOVEMENT.

I love the word movement because it sounds way more inviting! Movement can be so many things AND has so many upsides!

💥 Movement can be going to your favorite workout class that kickoffs your week with a bang! When you are well rested and get that endorphin rush after class that type of stress on the body can be good for the body and help support your overall immune health, heart health, mental health, etc.

💥 Movement can be doing a 10-minute circuit of body weight squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks to help you break up sitting at your desk all day. When we hear exercise, it often insinuates that it has to be long amounts of time, and super intense, and break a sweat in order for it to benefit your body. But every little bit counts and for as busy as you probably are, getting 10 minutes of movement in is more than you would have gotten if you just sat and scrolled on social media right?

💥 Movement can also be going on a walk with your dog getting fresh air and disconnecting from the screens all around you. This can support you in lowering your stress without adding to it, increase your exposure to sunlight and vitamin D, and help support better sleep by syncing your circadian rhythms. They BOTH have benefits and improve your health.

Movement can be anything that gets your body movin' and groovin'.

Take the “what is the best exercise to lose weight” thought off the table.

Instead ask yourself what is going to feel good for you body today, in this moment. Honor that! So tell me, whats your favorite movement?!

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