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Recipe: Airfryer Taquitos

My air fryer is the most used appliance in my kitchen because it makes it so easy and quick to prepare meals. I honestly don't remember what I did without it.

I used to love those taquitos growing up for a quick meal or snack and now I can make them for myself (with more nourishing ingredients) with just as much ease.

You have to try this one out!

What you need:

1 pound ground beef

1 packet of taco seasoning (I love Siete's)

8oz plain yogurt (I used Cocojune's coconut yogurt but you can use a greek yogurt too!)

Shredded Cheese

Tortillas (I used a combination of Siete & Ezekiel because that's what I had)

What you need to do:

Cook your ground beef in a pan until there is no pink. Add in about 3/4 of the taco mix to the pan and mix until all the meat is coated. Remove from heat and place to the side.

Add the remaining taco seasoning to the yogurt until mixed well.

Taking your tortillas, add a thin layer of the yogurt mix to the tortilla. Then top in a straight line your taco beef mix. Sprinkle with a little bit of cheese.

Then roll tightly. Spray some avocado spray to help close the wrap and place it in your air fryer.

(pro tip - some tortillas roll better when warmed like Siete so be sure to warm them a bit before rolling. It helps them from breaking)

Cook at 375 degrees F for about 10 minutes (or until golden brown).

Pair these with some avocado or any remaining yogurt dip.

These are great for dinner or a quick protein snack that I'm sure you, your family, and your friends will love!!

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