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Recipe: honey Dijon Baked Chicken

We eat a decent amount of chicken in my house, it's so easy, a solid protein choice, and I can eat it in a variety of ways! Having cooked chicken to throw in dishes throughout the week is one of the easiest and mindless meal prep tips I have found to work for me. Some days I'm feeling inspired, other days not. but having this on hand to throw in a bowl with some veggies helps me think even less on those days.

You just need a few ingredients for this recipe:

2 pounds of chicken (seasons with S&P)

2 tbsp dijon / spicy brown mustard (I usually use Primal Kitchens but we didn't have any on hand)

1 tbps honey

2 tbsp olive oil

Sprinkle Red pepper flakes

You can always double this if you want more for after baking or for more chicken.

What you do:

Mix up all the ingredients in a bowl until blended and then pour onto your chicken!

Bake the chicken in the oven on 425 degrees F until cooked through (roughly 20 minutes but check with your oven).

Pair with your favorite veggies, slice up and top on a salad, whatever you are feeling! Or stick in the fridge and save it for meals later in the week!

How would you serve this up in your next meal?!?

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