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The Best Wellness Trends!

There are a ton of wellness trends out there being talked about right now.

Plant-based diets

Paleo diet

Carnivore diet

Micro Workouts

Cold Plunge Therapy

Sober Curious

Sleep Syncing

Body Sculpting


Clean ingredients

....the list could go on and on.

Holy moly!! It can get overwhelming if you feel like you should be doing all of them, and where do you start?!

This is one of the things that used to stress me out about health and wellness. Everyone was doing something different and I had no idea where to start or what I should be doing.

But which ones are the best?!

Truth Bomb

There is no perfect answer to this. Some trends or habits can be super helpful! But others might just not fit your lifestyle, season of life, or your personal goals. And that's okay!

To find the best ones for you, it's important to look at where you are in life right now and what you are prioritizing in regard to your health. Start small and keep it simple. Don't go overboard with 5 new things all at once because it can feel overwhelming, leave you feeling like a failure if you drop one, and can make it confusing to figure out what really works for you since there was so much change at one time!

A couple of questions to ask yourself before embarking on a new wellness trend:

  • What season of life am I in right now?

  • What would be 1-2 small changes I could make to benefit my physical health?

  • What would be 1-2 small changes I could make to benefit my mental and emotional health?

  • What foods do I enjoy eating?

  • What new foods might I want to explore?

Since embarking on my health journey it has been so fun to experiment, explore, and learn about what works for me! I might see other people doing something that I integrate into my own practices or routines if they serve me. But if it doesn't align with where I'm focused, then instead I think good for them that they have something that works!!

Here are some wellness trends that are working for me right now.

  • morning meditation

  • strength training

  • gentle movement and daily walks

  • 8 hours of sleep

  • eating colorful meals

  • intentional time with family & friends

  • me time

  • infrared sauna

  • prioritizing protein

One of the things I love about working with clients 1:1 is finding what works for them! Between social media, our friends, & trends external sources can often lead us to believe that we should be adopting certain habits & diets, even when they simply aren’t what you need on an individual basis.

Be open, try new things, and let go of what doesn’t work for you.

I would love to know, what wellness trends are working for you??

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