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How I travel without ANY Guilt!

Traveling can make it hard to stay consistent with what your normal routine looks like at home but it doesn't have to feel impossible or like you are being bad/doing something wrong if you stray away from routine.

First of all, routines are there to help you not restrict you. Second, diversifying & changing things up is healthy and often what makes your routine work that much more because you aren't doing the same thing day in, day out. Changing it up keeps things interesting and allows you to explore what might work better/differently for you. You are constantly changing, and so can your routine.

The feelings or thoughts that you need to be "good", and stick perfectly to your rules or routine, or the feeling that you shouldn't have indulged as much as you did actually do more damage than they are helpful. Why?

➡️When you place a parameter of being good around yourself then anything else is therefore bad.

➡️Setting rigid expectations for yourself leads your brain to think anything deviation is a failure.

➡️Using the words should/shouldn't insinuates that the action is being dictated by expectations or beliefs outside of yourself and what you want.

💥What if you released the idea of having "cheat days" or looking at food as good or bad?

💥What if you instead, took what you know works well for your body, what you love about your routine, and then incorporated that because you want to? Not because you feel you have to!

💥What if you enjoyed your travel (for work or pleasure) by fueling yourself with what makes you feel good and also enjoying the new environment of food and experiences?

It's not a cheat day, a break, or a failure when you don't have restrictions around how and what you eat, or how you exercise & move.

When you have a restriction, rule, or negative thought around a habit or eating a certain food it often leads to when you DO have it, you overindulge, leaving you even more with that icky feeling. If you allow yourself to have it/do it/enjoy it, it feels lighter. There is less of that looming "I'll never get this again" feeling.

I still approach traveling like a treat when it comes to enjoying more foods that I don't normally, BUT it's not that I'm not allowed them when I am home, or that I tell myself I shouldn't be eating them. I enjoy chocolate at home, I have plenty of rest days where I do little to no exercise, and I have days when my routine looks a little different.

Instead, I come from a place of love for my body. I know what fuels me and feels good for my body. Habits like prioritizing sleep, drinking enough water, getting some sort of movement in, and eating enough whole foods and PFF (protein+fat+fiber) at every meal are what make me feel my best.

BUT I also love enjoying new local restaurants and being present with friends out on the town.

And If I can't get any of those things, THAT'S OKAY! I know I will lean into them when I can. And that it isn't a sense of failure that I didn't in the moment.


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