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Ways you are stressing out your body (and don't realize it!)

Skipping breakfast

When your body goes without breakfast for hours (after already fasting during the night), it produces more cortisol for quick energy. And no, coffee is not breakfast. When you eat within 60-90 minutes of waking up, your body knows it's safe and has fuel for the day. Instead of sending it into fight or flight.

High-intensity workouts daily

Working out is a healthy form of stress on the body BUT it can be chronic when in excess. Your body needs time to heal and recover. If there is no downtime to bring the body out of fight or flight (especially if you day-to-day is already stressful with work or personal life stuff…) it becomes harmful on the body. Prioritizing cortisol, and deprioritizing things like digestion/sleep/repair. It also can lead to more fat storage since cortisol is going to use more glucose instead of burning fat.

Thinking blood sugar doesn’t apply to you

This impacts more than those with diabetes. Blood sugar is often at the center of chronic illness because its related to how we eat and inflammation in the body. Its a stressor on the body to send your blood sugar up and down several times throughout the day (which most people do on the regular and don’t even know it!). Creating a balanced meal with protein, fat, and fiber to keep you fuller, and longer will help stretch out your blood sugar curve. Think more rolling hills than peaks and valleys!

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