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Recipe: My Go-to Matcha Latte

🍵Add 1-2 packets of organic, ceremonial-grade matcha into a milk frother (my go-to is Pique Sungoddess Matcha)

🍵Add a splash of water and then fill to the max fill line with your choice of milk (I use either raw milk or Elmhurst cashew milk.)

🍵Add 1 scoop of collagen, some vitamin D3+K2 drops (optional depending on your personal needs) & a dash of cinnamon

🍵Froth & then pour into a mug. Top off with a little more milk or water depending on your desired creaminess & Enjoy!

You can make this hot or iced!

I love matcha for so many reasons!

  • it has less caffeine than coffee

  • it's a slow-release form of caffeine (so less of a crash)

  • great source of amino acid L-theanine (which has a calming effect)

  • rich in antioxidants

Hope you enjoy!

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