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What am I supposed to eat?!

With all the health and wellness trends out there, it can be confusing.

Low-carb, low-fat, vegetarian, vegan, keto, plant-based.. the list is continuing to grow! But it doesn't make it clear on where to start if you are overwhelmed.

The truth is, it's bio-individual. You can pick what eating style works best for you. But there are a few principles I would say are vital to feeling your best and fueling your body properly.

  • Eat whole, real foods as often as possible!

  • Stop counting calories, instead focus on nutrients (think protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Eating a diet with a variety of foods helps to support this!)

  • Quality matters (you don't have to eat all organic and make every meal, but prioritize quality when you can and in the areas such as the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen and with protein sources).

  • Incorporate Gut supportive foods (the gut is the second brain so making sure you are adding in good bacteria as well as feeding the good bacteria will help your overall health! Think digestion, immune function, mental health, cravings, blood sugar balance & more!)

  • How you eat matters (slow down, chew your food, ditch the distractions, and remember to breathe. When you eat quickly, distracted, or shovel large bite after bite, your digestion, as well as satisfaction, are severely impacted.)

  • Consider where you need to supplement based on your eating style choices. (If vegetarian or vegan align with your beliefs, then be sure to supplement those nutrients you aren’t getting from animal meats or products, etc.)

What you do some of the time isn't going to throw out what you do the majority of the time. If you decide to have ice cream for dessert 2 times this week, that doesn't mean you throw your hands up and say "f*&k it!". It's different than having it every day for the whole month right? Enjoying those indulgences once in a while is part of living a balanced life!

Remember to keep it simple! Eating healthy looks different for every based on lifestyle, economic status, and several other factors. But healthy can be simple yet tasty, interesting with complications. Some of my favorite dishes are the simple ones I can throw together without much thought, stress, or time.

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