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What you miss out on when you are dieting!

Dieting always sounds like a good idea at the time.

🤔 You are guaranteed to feel your best

🤔 It's easy, we tell you exactly what you can eat

🤔 You’ll drop the wanted weight you've been looking to lose

🤔 So many people have it is successfully! You can too!

…. but there's always a catch right?

When you are dieting, think about all the things you are missing out on!

Freedom & Flexibility

Being on a diet makes going out to eat, eating at other people’s houses, traveling to new places, and the freedom to be flexible pretty damn hard! Sure, sometimes you might be able to find something at a few specific restaurants that work within the parameters of your diet so you can go out to eat. But is that really freedom? When you travel are you confined to bringing your own meals? Being limited to a certain list of restaurants you know you “can” eat at? NO!

Foods You Love!

Take a second a think of all your favorite foods. Write them down. Now circle how many of those are often included in a diet. Most likely it’s pretty minimal. Where is the joy in life when you aren’t allowed to enjoy those foods you love… without guilt, shame, or feeling like you failed?! Most diets have a strict list of foods or even portions of what and how much you can eat of certain foods. Sometimes a bite of your favorites might be enough to leave you satisfied. But when you allow yourself to have more than that one bite, you really get to enjoy it because there is no shame attached to it!

Quality Sleep

Your diet can impact the quality of your sleep and how rested you feel each day! When you are sleeping is when your body is actually doing a lot of work repairing from the day. And if you are hungry from a super restricted caloric intake or just not enough food because of the pre-determined portions, your body won’t be able to rest the same without the proper energy!

The next time you hear from a friend or see a new influence shouting out about a new diet they have found that works, take a second a pause. Ask yourself what will you be missing out on?!

So let’s hear it - what are you NOT MISSING OUT on this year?! Leave a comment below 💕

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