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How I feel good leading up to BIG life moments!

Getting married? Milestone birthday where all eyes on are you? Or maybe you just have a really big event coming up that the craziness is building.

I know the feeling!! The countdown is on, just days now until I’m standing at the altar on what everyone says is the biggest day of my life. Well, without letting that take over, I’m using my own tools to keep myself in line and feeling good heading down the aisle.

Here’s how.

1. Prioritizing myself. Meditation, movement, and sleep are what I know my body needs to lower stress, feel grounded, and to be ready for all that is to come.

2. Eating lots of whole foods. I know how I want to feel heading into this week and supporting my body with as many nutrients as possible comes from lots of whole foods. Not to mention this supports my body from having wild cravings or blood sugar rollercoasters days leading up to my wedding. (More on this in my Cravings Guide).

Adding in color, a variety of proteins, fruits, veggies, and complex carbs as much as I can. Does this mean I cooking up crazy elaborate extra healthy meals, no! It's just more of what I know works. Harvest bowls, stir frys, air fryer chicken and roasted veggies, egg scrambles... keeping it simple!

And I’m definitely taking my JuicePlus fruits & veggie capsules to bridge the gap getting even more plant power!

3. Supporting my immune system. Eating plenty of foods with vitamin c, vitamin d, antioxidants, and zinc to support my immune system (#foodismedicine) but also getting enough sleep and hydration too!

Food sources of vitamin C can be found in foods like bell peppers & tomatoes (hello fajita night), citrus (the food, not juice), and brussel sprouts. Eating lots of antioxidants (I love me some berries) helps to lower inflammation in the body allowing your immune system to focus on supporting your body instead of fighting the inflammation.

Some other great tools in my toolbox include Beekeeper’s Natural spray or drops for zinc and immune support! & again, hydrating with water but also electrolytes to make sure I get enough of those minerals to support cellular function.

4. Limiting my stress, focusing on what I can control. All the above ties into this too (bc it's all connected). Cortisol is a top-tier hormone and impacts the rest of the body when its created. For more just on stress, I dive deeper in my Stress & Impacts on the body blog. To avoid letting cortisol throw off my digestion and sleep, I’m focusing on what I can control, helping keep my body in balance. This includes quality sleep as I said, but also saying no to things that are not a priority this week, being still (without screens or doom scrolling), or taking some time to just breathe. And for me, movement is a way to reduce stress so from walks and pilates I get a kick up those endorphins and serotonin. (More on this in my Stress Guide PDF)

& again you can use these for a wedding, a big event, or share with a friend who you know might need one of these reminders for just everyday life!

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