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Habits to finish the year out strong!

Holy moly it's December you guys, how the heck did that happen?! 2022 has been one for the books and I'm beyond grateful for where my year has taken me. Between getting laid off from my 9-5 job and being pushed to start Health Coaching full time, turning 30 and starting a new chapter in my life, and marrying my best friend, 2022 has been good to be!

But its not over yet so don't check out. This time of year is important to stay present just as much as the rest of the year and tune in with what you need.

Maybe the end of the year for you feels like crunch mode, full steam ahead, extra motivated to end on a high note. OR maybe you are the opposite end feeling burnt out, ready to throw your hands up, wanting to just skip ahead to January and start fresh in 2023.

Whether you may be feeling a slower and steady pace through December or racing to the finish, it's important to take what you need and close out the year on a high note. It after all is what sets the tone for 2023 so let's be intentional about it!

Here are a few tips as you head into December to help you finish the year the way you need it to be!


Focus on what you can ADD in to your meals (Addition Mindset)

Going from one food holiday (Thanksgiving) into more food-focused celebrations (holiday & new years parties) allows your mindset around food continues to stay the same. Focus on what you can add in to your meals to help nourish your body (and your soul). Where can you add in more protein, greens, fruit, and veggies, or dietary fats? Stop "should-ing" yourself with what you think you should be eating based on a diet or what your friends are doing. With more holiday celebrations to come, when you find yourself struggling to restrict and cut out, lean on this "addiction mindset" instead!

Evaluate & Commit to your Routines

Routines are one of the best tools you have to help set yourself up day after day. The beginning and end of your day are really the only time you have control over. The end of the year is a great time to evaluate what is serving you and what isn't. Carving out time in the morning, even just a few minutes before the kids or your calendar of meetings kick-off to focus on yourself can go a long way. Look at them as your favorite things to start and end your day. Some favorites of mine are meditation, morning walk with bubba without a phone, journalling, taking my Daily Synbiotic from Seed with a glass of water, being phone free for 30 minutes, movement, or even just a cup of coffee/match while reading for 5 minutes. It doesn't have to be long or elaborate, just something that serves you!

But just as you and your life is constantly evolving, so can your routines. If it doesn't feel like its serving you anymore, take this time to see what maybe you want to make room for in your precious morning and evening routine.

Cooking at Home

This time of year it might feel like you are bouncing from one holiday party to a client dinner or coffee meeting out and getting overwhelmed with the party platter options or the overload on sweet treats that show up in front of you. But there is a lot in the power of cooking at home. Its more than just allowing you to stay in control of what you want to be eating, but there is the added benefit of love and intention behind the nourishing meal you make for yourself and your family.

Now, this doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't enjoy the holiday celebration. It's about balance and flexibility after all but prioritizing those home-cooked meals allows you to support your body from a place of self-love and then really enjoy and cherish the moments out when do have a holiday dinner or cocktail hour to attend!

Schedule your priorities at the beginning of the week

What is the most important thing you need to get done for you this week? Is it movement? Meal prep? Spending time with your tribe? Or maybe getting 15 minutes to meditate alone. Put it on the calendar first! At the beginning of the week, prioritize what you need to get done (not for other people, but for you) so that way you can show up your best the rest of the week. Its challenging to limit this to one thing but a priority but everything cannot be a priority (by definition it just can't be!). So really commit to what is the most important for you each week.

Honor what medicine you need

Food is medicine, movement is medicine, meditation is medicine… I believe all that is true. But the catch is - not everyone needs the same medicine. What works for you, might not work for someone else. AND THATS OKAY! We are all unique people living our own lives and thats something to celebrate. That also means that its important to find the medicine aka lifestyle habits, eating habits, social habits, and mental health habits that work for you! So instead of mindlessly signing up for a new gym because you think you should start 2023 working out every day, telling yourself you're cutting out all desserts and purging your pantry to resist temptation, or hopping on the scale every day to start tracking the holiday pounds that you think need to come off -- try this instead.

Be curious about how else you can feel good. Who fills up your cup when you spend time with them? What movement gives you energy and leaves you feeling empowered? What foods leave you feeling satisfied and nourished physically and in your soul? What ritual supports your mental health? Choosing what medicine you need allows you to take control of your health through everyday habits, food choices, and showing love to the one and only vessel you are given.

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